To Breakthrough to Get the Business We Deserve, We Allow Ourselves to Break

Learn to change your thinking, transform your company with new tactics, and elevate the team to achieve expanded results. This is no 50,000-foot overview. It is Navy SEAL style knife-in-the-teeth training in hand-to-hand business combat.

Learn Operational Excellence, Emotional Intelligence, and Adaptability to be the best at solving the most difficult business problems.


  • How to use mindfullness in business to adapt to the new normal, that’s been battle tested by global billion-dollar corporations and local family businesses.
  • How to let go of cherished products that worked in the past, and how to leap over competitors by discovering new products 2-4 years before rivals.
  • How to obtain forward leaning metrics and why discard historical, public firm, and trend data.
  • How to increase hard financial results using a (soft) universal law of human behavior.
  • How to bring the gift each person has to light and how to bring the gift each company has to light.
Heart of Gold and Spine of Steel

Chas KlivansWho Am I

Chas Klivans combines his early survival experiences plus Founder and CEO, Turnaround Expert, and Psychotherapist careers into a Business Survival Toolkit that guides company executives to solve troubling problems and the human component underneath.

Organizations that believe they need to constantly innovate or they will perish use this Toolkit (employing the survival lessons Chas learned in the Amazon jungle and in an Afghanistan prison to billion-dollar boardrooms) to transform into successful competitors.

His interactive style gives leaders the skill to navigate their company when there is no map, and new departmental level Tools to grow sales, gross margin, profit, and people.

Chas is an operating guy, who is a trusted advisor to corporations, keynote speaker, and published author.

 “If you ask the right questions,
the answers will change your world.”
–Chas Klivans

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